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Vinteriors Design

Vinteriors Design is an interior design studio of public and residential spaces.

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Design project

* Plans for the construction and demolition of partitions * Explication of premises after redevelopment * Plan diagram with the arrangement of furniture and equipment * Plan of stylistic selection of furniture and equipment * Plan for binding and marking doorways * Floor plan * Binding of warm floors * Ceiling scheme * Sewerage wiring diagram calculated according to the standards * Installation diagram of electrical appliances and sockets * Lighting scheme * Sweeps on the walls * Working drawings of all erected author’s structures * Layouts of tiles in bathrooms * Finishing scheme * Consumable list of finishing materials * 3D visualization of all main rooms


Author's supervision

* Construction planning * Planning and tracking work team schedule * Regular site visits * Control over the quality of implementation and compliance with the design project * Regular on-site progress reports * Consulting the construction team regarding sketches and drawings, making adjustments. * Coordination of work of subcontractors * Prompt introduction of changes and additions to the project documentation * Consulting the customer on all issues related to the implementation of the project * Quality assurance of project implementation


Equipment of the object

* Drawing up an estimate for finishing materials, equipment, furniture and decor items based on the specifications of the Project Project of the Object indicating the main characteristics, cost, delivery times and supplier contacts and its coordination with the Customer;

* Selection of suppliers, holding tenders, providing commercial offers from suppliers for selection by the Customer;

* Organization of ordering and delivery to the Object of the finished materials, equipment, furniture and decor items selected and purchased by the Customer (the cost of delivery is not included in the cost of the Agreement);

* Maintenance of estimates, work with the procurement schedule and project budget;

* Visits to shops for the selection and approval of purchased items;

* Organization of an order for the manufacture of furniture in carpentry workshops;

* Detailed study with designers of drawings of individual products;

* Providing suppliers with the necessary sketches and drawings; * Reception at the Facility and quality control of the finished materials, equipment, furniture and decor items purchased by the Customer;

* Control over claims, exchange and return of finished materials, equipment, furniture and decor items purchased by the Customer;


Planning solution

* Measured plan of the existing layout

* Discussion and preparation of technical specifications

* We offer 3 layouts

* Discussion and  changes

* Preparing working documentation

* Dismantling / installation plan

* Plan diagram with furniture arrangement

* Explication of premises after redevelopment


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